Hey Guys. I’m really fortunate to be nominated for blog recognition award by JUST EKTA. Thank you so much, Ekta for nominating me & giving me an opportunity to share something about my blogging experience… She is a young emerging blogger, writes so amazing post .. on the other hand, I really liked her friendly and cooperative nature… Highly recommended to visit her blog: -👇


Actually, I never thought to write blog up to 2016… coz before that I had never written anything instead of my academic notes. Bcoz I hate writing (copying) 😂😂… So the point is, I had 3 months summer holidays in this year(2017), the morning I was playing cricket & after an evening watching IPL cricket matches .. but I didn’t have anything to do in afternoon. So, I decided to learn something different in that free time & coincidentally I got registered on & a few days later, I started blogging, I’ve already explained it in my ….”THANK YOU Ayesha ma’am post“.. what about blogging?? … honestly, I would like to say. Blogging doesn’t mean for me to write something & that should be appreciated by everyone, instead of, I love sharing whatever happened in my life & to know others too. I think sharing helps us to live life in a happy way, that’s what I thought and I continued blogging. Other than, I love to interact with different people, from different cultures all over the world as I always try to learn something from every person, post & interaction.. this is the major intention of mine towards blogging …..coz I’m not too good in writing & weak in English as everyone knows. So, in a hope to learn & improve in me. I would be definitely continued blogging…


I’m very weak in this case.. coz you all people write better than me … So I wouldn’t like to say anything ……… but Yes, if you really wanna enjoy blogging.. then I must say, stop getting connected with people outside or any social sites… Please Don’t ask me the reason 😂🙈🙈.. coz It’s a free advice and I would never answer of it… 🙈🙈.. just listen of your heart and write whatever you want, without any hesitation & enjoy with people on WordPress only 😂😂🐼/i>򒐼/i>


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