Umeed :)

Ae zindagi ab bas kar,
Ab aur raatein yuh tanha n kar,
Jine laga tha mein,
Apne taqdir ke sahare,
Jaise mulaqaat hogi,
Mere Dil ke sukhe samnadar ki,
Kisi nadi ke kinare.!
Ae zindagi ab bas kar,
Thodi der ke liye hi sahi,
Bana de khushiyo ki dagar,
Jab jab bhi Dil nee tuzse kuch chaha,
Tab tab khudko tanha raaton me yuh
akela paya,
Kash kisi din baarish aa jayein,
Aur Mere Dil ki pyaas bujha jaaein,
fir see yeh tanha raatein,
Hasin ban jaaein !
© Nathprasad Dhanawat

The story never ends :)

we live under the same Sky,
we weep under the same Sky,
but we belong
to different planets,
Perhaps I know,
I am your favourite star
you like to gaze every night,
you spend each night sitting in your window, gazing at me

& waiting for me to fall,
But I know, even if I fall for you,
you won’t catch me & neither I will reach you,
your home resides in the field of sugarcane,
Winter is falling high there,
And I am standing out my naked body shivering,
If I try to reach you, I will have to make slits over my body,
And I know I won’t survive
until I reach you,
So, I decided not to fall
But I can’t stop gazing at you,
And perhaps this is how our story begins & continues but never ends,
We will remain as strangers with hearts together..!!

© Nathprasad Dhanawat

Mera Mehtaab..aur TUM!!

Hey guys… Today, I’m going to introduce you, one of the best writer of a “Urdu Poetry & Shayari”…along with she writes English poetries as well….. If you’re fan of ‘Ae dil hai mushkil’ movie like me & you love to read Urdu language & its beauty….. Do follow and support to an amazing writer…, trust me, she writes so beautifully… So, I recommend you to read her first Shayari post and this one as well …..✌😊


Haan mulaqaat hai mehtaab se meri kaafi puraani…

Kya sunaun mai uski aur apni kahaani..

Manti thi use apna haq se jab se shuru hui meri jawaani…

Taakti use kaafi dafa,mehsoos karti use roohani..

Phir ek raat jab tanhai ki chaadar taan kar,sabse lad,udaas hokar pahuchi mai apne mehtaab ke paas…

Tab bujh si gai meri usse mohabbat ki jhuuti si aas…

Wo naa tha Hamari milne ki jagah..

Intzaar kiya maine,par nahi aaya wo mere paas…

“Aaj phir se mai tanha mehsoos kar rahi thi,Mehtaab ki aas me chat par gai..;

Par aaj wo bhi mujhe daga de gaya..”

Mai tanha hi wapas lautaayi..Naa aaya mujhe kuch bhi raas…!

Kai Raaten guzar gain..naa wo aaya naa hi uska saaya…

Uske naa hone se gum tha un raaton ka ujaala..!

Un raaton me mai mili “Tumse”!!

Haan guftguu kii maine Apne Mehtaab ki tumse…

Kai sataishen(tareefen)bhi pesh ki maine Apne…

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Liebster award 6 ( Post – 99.9)

Hey guys …. I’m grateful to receive my 6th Liebster award..!! It has been given to me by Sann

Do I need to say something about Sann.. She is just 13… & writes amazing post that you won’t believe….. trust me guys….

Do visit & Don’t forget to follow her.. & one more thing.. I’m revelling secret about Sann …

She knows Marathi.🙈🙈

Thank you so much Sann for the nomination…(sorry late post kelyabaddal)


1.Why did you decide to start a blog?

Ans:- Actually I never thought to write a blog up to 2016… coz before that I had never written anything instead of my academic notes.. coz I hate writing (copying) 😂😂… So the point is, I had 3 months summer holidays in the year(2017), morning I used to play cricket & after an evening watching IPL cricket matches .. but I didn’t have anything to do in the afternoon. So, I decided to learn something different in that free time & coincidentally I got registered on & a few days later, I started blogging, I’ve already explained about it in my ….”THANK YOU AYESHA MA’AM POST”.. what about blogging?? … honestly, I would like to say. Blogging doesn’t mean for me to write something & that should be appreciated by everyone, instead of, I love sharing whatever happened in my life & to know others too. I think sharing helps us to live life in a happy way, that’s what I thought and I continued blogging. Other than, I love to interact with different people, from different cultures all over the world as I always try to learn something from every person, post & interaction.. this is the major intention of mine towards blogging …..coz I’m not that good in writing & weak in English as everyone knows. So, in a hope to learn & improve in myself. I would be definitely continued blogging…( copied and from my previous award due to the same question)

2. Are there any books which completely put you down and made you regret wasting your time reading it?

And:- Not any actually… I don’t read books 🙈

3. What is your say on wars?

Ans:- I think it’s bit controversial topic.. since I’m common man.. I believe, weapons are not created only to show off.. so it’s part of our lives since humans have existed & so. I just say… everything is fair in love and war…

4. Your favourite song and singer. And why you love them?

Ans:- I can’t choose one actually.. recently I have mentioned some of them in my award post… Like.. Arjit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal, Taylor Swift, Enrique Iglesias.. & I like them not Love ………….!!!!

5. Is there anything you would like to improve in yourself? Why?

Ans:- Life is all about improving .. at this moment I think, I need to join a gym again. It’s been 2 months since I’m away from exercise due to my finger had a problem of a Knot.. the problem is not cured but I realized that, I’m getting fat & lazy.. in fact, I would be in gym within 15 minutes after posting this award.. 😎😎

6. How do you deal with stress? Any pro tips!?😜

Ans:- I just share my problems with my close friends.. in fact you can say that .. to pass the stress😜.. that’s the relief for me I guess.. dosto ka fayda kab uthaye fir.😛😛

7. One thing you feel money cannot buy. Why?

Ans:- undoubtedly Love …

8. Do you believe in equality in all sectors? Or do you think it should be applicable to only a few sectors?

And:- I think … I’m getting late for gym & then. I will have to watch India vs South Africa cricket match 😂😂( sorry Saan for a weird answer,… I think exactly same that you think😛.. will tell you in my personal interview after your exams are over 😯)

9. Any article or story or poem that gave you a wake-up call? Which one is it?

Ans:- Not anyone😅😅 .

10. What are the top things on your bucket list?

Ans:- first & Very important is to write my 100th post 😂😂.. & Next is to achieve my all dream 😇

Thank you so much for reading..!!!