It’s Never Too Late Before It’s Too Late!

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Talk Exchange..!

For the next few minutes, the only picture that your mind should visualize is about that one fight or argument which you have had in your past with the that person in your life whom you loved a lot… Your few words or maybe the other person’s few words costed your relationship and trust forever.

Every person living on this planet, at least once, has experienced this. What happens is that two people disagree with each other on a certain topic which gradually leads to an argument as each one tries to prove his/her point by increasing the pitch of the speech and dominating the partner. In the process, we do not realise what we are saying and understand later how hard those words were for the ears and the heart of the one we loved. Our tongue may seem boneless but it has the capacity to shoot such sharp…

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That blue one :)

And you see,
there are so many
clouds in the sky,
you like to stare
even though,
you know,
eventually They will fade away,
No one mean to stay,
you don’t stop gazing,
finding for that blue one,
Because maybe,
That has the power
to make you fall for yourself,
to make you special,
some call it home,
where your heart resides,
some call it magic,
when your happiness &
madness linger,
some call it destiny,
some call it heaven,
I call it Love .

© Nathprasad Dhanawat


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Entry no 10. By- @nsdhanawat Title : True Reflections of Love. I know One day, I will be gone from this world, Perhaps will fade in something somewhere, behind the horizon, behind the darkest clouds or behind the highest mountains, And you won't be able to see me, I wish for you, Since you will be able to feel me, Even if I am gone, I wish and I know That you will find me, In every frail morning, In every dark night, I wish to be your moon, Because even though it is invisible during day, It never fails to rise again and shine again, I wish to be your rain, Whenever you feel barren, Frozen lakes will remind you of me, And life will rewind all our memories, I just wish to be your virtual world, That will exist in your heart, And shine in your eye, Somehow, somewhere I wish to live for you, within you, as a reflection that was meant to be true…!!!!. © Nathprasad Dhanawat #writing #writingcommunity #writingcompetition #writingchallenge #humanity #writersofinstagram #photographycompetition #writerscommunity #writersofig #poetrycommunity #poetofinstagram #poetcommunity #spilledink #spilledinkpoetry #spilledthoughts #spilledwords #words #wordsofwisdom #thoughts #allaboutwriting #f4f #peace #sos

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Adhura Ishq :)

Ishq mei fanna ho jaane walon mei se ham bhi the,

wo toh ham waqt rehte bichad gae,

Mohabbat ki daastan banane walo mei se ham bhi the,

wo toh ham waqt rehte anjaan ban gae,

kasur toh waqt ka tha, magar sajaa Dilon ko mili,

aur tum hamari zindgi ka adhura kissa ban kar reh gae…!!!

© Nathprasad Dhanawat 2018

PS: I’ve tried to write in the form of Shayari💙

Observation ( post-99.6)

it was the same place
where I used to sit.
Today it was looking
like my first visit,
the breezing wind touched
my soul as never before,
trees were swinging heavily,
leaves were falling on my
body like a snowfall,
koel was singing melodic,
to welcome the spring.
lovers were enjoying
their special moments,
someone was getting
sweat to be healed,
someone was getting
sweat to get food,
kids were playing
by free mood.
wasn’t that single place enough
to make everyone happy??
why was it looking
so beautiful… ??
Yes.. coz I was gazing it to paint.. !!
That’s the beauty of life
that one can understand
with only open Eyes…!!

© Nathprasad Dhanawat

Guys can you predict, what could be that place 😂 . Happy Raksha Bandhan to everyone… !!!