The story never ends :)

we live under the same Sky,
we weep under the same Sky,
but we belong
to different planets,
Perhaps I know,
I am your favourite star
you like to gaze every night,
you spend each night sitting in your window, gazing at me

& waiting for me to fall,
But I know, even if I fall for you,
you won’t catch me & neither I will reach you,
your home resides in the field of sugarcane,
Winter is falling high there,
And I am standing out my naked body shivering,
If I try to reach you, I will have to make slits over my body,
And I know I won’t survive
until I reach you,
So, I decided not to fall
But I can’t stop gazing at you,
And perhaps this is how our story begins & continues but never ends,
We will remain as strangers with hearts together..!!

© Nathprasad Dhanawat

Photograph :)

we are screens apart,
digitalised though,
I make room for your message
and let loneliness go,
I hear your voice in calls,
I stalk your blogs too,
you look cute in the pink top
and beautiful in the green,
but my favourite is the blue moon photograph
you captured on our trip,
it feels like heaven to be
with you in it,
So, Whenever I see it,
I close my eyes and feel
those adorable moments
we had spent together,
The cooling wind and
soothing noise of waves,
our names drawn on the sand
lined by the castle of sand and
stones we made,
the lake glistening with water
carry your reflection in blue,
as beautiful as moon we saw last night,
sometimes when I think of you,
I look at moon and my empty wallet,
the moon shines in wain and my wallet carry your pain,
in a single photograph
where you and I are stood together,
even though we were miles apart.

© Nathprasad Dhanawat 2018

Zindagi :)

wo bhi Kya din the,

jab alarm ke jagah,

maa nind se jagati thi,

Nind khulnepar bhi aakhe

lagakar naatak Karne me

bhi badi maja aati thi..!

subah ghar se niklo school,

suraj ki roshni saath hoti thi

aur pedo paudho see baat hoti thi.. !

Na kis baat ki chinta thi,

Na Dil me kuch dar tha,

khelo kudo masti karo,

padhai karke top bhi karo,

bas itni si zindagi hoti thi.!!

magar abb waqt ke sath-sath

zindagi bhi badal gayi hai,

kuch paane ki na tho chahat hai,

Nahi kuch khone ka dar,

mano sab kuch rukh sa gaya hai,

dhire-dhire duniya sath chod rahi hai,

chalo achha hi hai,

kismat samaj ke gale lagate hai,

bahut de diye University ke exam,

Ab kuch aur zindagi ke hi sahi …!!!!

© Nathprasad Dhanawat

Butterfly :)

Hey people. Today I met with this beautiful ❤ when I was walking on the stairs, So tried to capture it as soon as possible, Nd I clicked him by every angle coz he was looking tired Or in trouble maybe So, I thought he can’t fly. Then I decided him to get into the room so, maybe I could help or something like that.. I offered him to sit on my smartphone, he trusted me & sat nicely on it. we went into the room. After that, I should have offered him water or something like that but I didn’t know what he wanted.

As usual butterflies are very sensitive and you can’t catch them easily So, I thought it’s something special to have fun ( I shouldn’t have ) & I wanted to click him sitting on my hand like Shraddha does in Galiyaan song .. how stupid I was .. he trusted me with all his heart & I was going to use it for my own happiness & I had forgotten that I brought him into the room for helping purpose. And Maybe he didn’t like my such kind of behaviour & suddenly he flew away .. that’s how our friendship ended… I felt very shameless but I took it as a lesson…

Remember every living individual deserves a respect like humans. They have their own feelings & emotions. Don’t use anyone for your own happiness. In case of humans, Don’t force people to act the way you want to be. Do give them space to act the way they want.. otherwise, eventually, they will also leave you as butterfly left me.

© Nathprasad Dhanawat

Ehsaas :)

udd toh gaye the

hum parindo ki tarah,

Dil me khaab liye….,

mano Chand ko chune,

apani maa ka saath chod

kar apni manjil paane,

magar jab bhi dekhte

hai palatkar zindgi ko,

toh ehsaas hota hai,

kuch waade hai…,

jo pure karne baki hai,

kuch karz jo ada karna baki hai,

kuch jakhm hai joh abhi

bharne baaki hai….,

Mana ki duniya hume

itni aasani se apne khaabo

ko choone nahi degi,

Magar hum bhi apne

khaabo ko aakhri saans tak,

tutane nahi denge…!!!

©Nathprasad Dhanawat

Complexity :)

I’m in chaos these days,
listening my unfavorite songs,
the gloomy face doesn’t want to see in the mirror,
maybe some things are responsible for that, which were never expected to happen in past,
sometimes it haunts me deep down,
sometimes I see my soul dancing on mountains of happiness,
that’s how life works for me continuously,
And I’m taking uncertain swings endlessly..!!!

© Nathprasad Dhanawat