Mother’s Lap :) – world’s safest place

I imagine sometimes
to be little again,
to lie again in mother’s lap,
to cry for a reason,
to escape from pain,
to escape from hurt,
to embrace you and feel
your love,
to inhale your essence of
Because I am a human,
I do feel empty sometimes,
But I wonder,
If I search my contact list,
I have no one,
to understand me in my worst,
Even though I chose to give,
am I left alone?
since I have been away long from you?
But I know,
I am supposed to imagine
and I am not a little now,
if I show you my worries,
you will be worried than myself,
So, I think,
It is better to hide,
because it’s time to give mine,
And if you aren’t able to see my eyes,
then, how can you able to feel
my pain only by voice?
You do recognise.
You always do.
Maybe the reason is the string of your unconditional love I carry.
Maybe that is enough
for me to stand again,
to wipe my tears,
to let go of the pain,
to survive,
to live ..!

© Nathprasad Dhanawat

Image source:- Pinterest

Depression ( Post 100th )

Oh Dear.
how miserable it feels,
when you’re struggling to heal,
You always held the pain,
like a cloud holds the rain,


you’ve lost your mind control,
by the stress, you always used to hold..!!
Oh Dear.
how miserable it feels.
you always cared for the world,


you can’t even utter single word..!!!
sitting beside you in the hospital,
gazing at your flowing blood,
my tears are rolling like a flood..!!
Oh Dear…
how miserable it feels,
you never shared your pain,
that’s made you weak,
hence.. you’re still sick..!!!
you’re still lying on the bed,
it keeps making my eyes red,

I can’t see you in the pain,
you’re my strength,
you’re my friend,
you’re my crime partner..!!!
Oh Dear.
you don’t scare
for you, I’m always there,
coz …

I can’t see you in the pain,
I can’t see you in the pain,
I can’t see you in the pain…!!!

© Nathprasad Dhanawat