kabhi kabhi hamari zindgi,
kuch iss tarah mode leti hai,
ki mano hamari duniya
tham si jaati hai,
fir din hoo yah shaam,
kisiki yaad me kho jaana
hamari adat si ban jaati hai.
dhire dhire chehare par alag
hi noor chaa jaata hai,
aur laboo pe hamesha
muskaan nazar aati hai,
milon dur nazar ane wale
chand-Taare abb aaspas hii
mandrane lagte hai,
maano hamari Black & White
duniya colorful ban jaati hai,
Dil me saalon see pal rahi nafrat
yun titali ki tarah udd jaati hai,
Aur Dil me reh jaata hai toh bas,……………….
aur yahi pyaar ki taaqat,
hamen sau andhera
so ladhna sikhati hai,
aur ek achha insaan
banakar zindgi
jeena sikhati hai .. !
© Nathprasad Dhanawat

The story never ends :)

we live under the same Sky,
we weep under the same Sky,
but we belong
to different planets,
Perhaps I know,
I am your favourite star
you like to gaze every night,
you spend each night sitting in your window, gazing at me

& waiting for me to fall,
But I know, even if I fall for you,
you won’t catch me & neither I will reach you,
your home resides in the field of sugarcane,
Winter is falling high there,
And I am standing out my naked body shivering,
If I try to reach you, I will have to make slits over my body,
And I know I won’t survive
until I reach you,
So, I decided not to fall
But I can’t stop gazing at you,
And perhaps this is how our story begins & continues but never ends,
We will remain as strangers with hearts together..!!

© Nathprasad Dhanawat

Photograph :)

we are screens apart,
digitalised though,
I make room for your message
and let loneliness go,
I hear your voice in calls,
I stalk your blogs too,
you look cute in the pink top
and beautiful in the green,
but my favourite is the blue moon photograph
you captured on our trip,
it feels like heaven to be
with you in it,
So, Whenever I see it,
I close my eyes and feel
those adorable moments
we had spent together,
The cooling wind and
soothing noise of waves,
our names drawn on the sand
lined by the castle of sand and
stones we made,
the lake glistening with water
carry your reflection in blue,
as beautiful as moon we saw last night,
sometimes when I think of you,
I look at moon and my empty wallet,
the moon shines in wain and my wallet carry your pain,
in a single photograph
where you and I are stood together,
even though we were miles apart.

© Nathprasad Dhanawat 2018

Guzaarish :)

Kabhi Kabhi lagta hai,
likhun toh kyu likhun,
kya likhane se meri
taqdeer badal jaaegi,
kya likhane se meri haton
ki lakire badal jaaegi,
Aye khuda…,
tu hai toh kyun hai,
kya tuze meri Dil ki ruswayi
nazar nahi aati,
kya tuze meri minnate
sunaai nahi deti,
lshq pane ki chahat karu
toh kyun karu,
kya usse manzil mil paaegi,
Chand khwab dekhun
toh kyun dekhu,
kya woh pure ho paaenge,
kya duniya ka mei akela
insaan hun joh har kadam
par thokare kha raha hai,
kya duniya ka har insaan
kati patang ki tarah hona
jiske khule asmaan
mei udne ke alawa kuch
armaan na ho?
Aye khuda,
tuzse shikayat karne toh bahut
sawal hai Dil me,
agar guzaarish karna munasib
hai, toh muze iss kaabil bana,
anjaam kuch bhi ho aant me,
magar me apni zindgi ki
Jung khud ladh sakun !!

© Nathprasad Dhanawat

PS: This is my second Urdu poetry. I hope you like it .. 🙂

Complexity :)

I’m in chaos these days,
listening my unfavorite songs,
the gloomy face doesn’t want to see in the mirror,
maybe some things are responsible for that, which were never expected to happen in past,
sometimes it haunts me deep down,
sometimes I see my soul dancing on mountains of happiness,
that’s how life works for me continuously,
And I’m taking uncertain swings endlessly..!!!

© Nathprasad Dhanawat

Longing away ( Post- 99.8 )

They met at an unknown place,

Where everyone was strange,

Away from their ex-one,

They considered being out of range,

And that’s where they became friends,

In a hope to have some change,

Which was faded away from them…!!

They started sharing every pain,

By keeping the witness,

friendship was it’s name ...!!!!

They called themselves best friends,

By making a promise to last it until the end,

They never fought before,

Until played once a game,

Coz reveling their past was its name..!!!

Now, they tried knowing more,

Then, all colors appeared,

Which were faded before,

Again question.

Again answers.

Again misunderstandings,

Again doubt.

Again tears rolling down on cheeks,

Finally, they have shown themselves to be broken hearts….,


They both took ‘U’ turn &..,

Left each other forever,

Coz they always wanted to be

Longing away from the pain,

And that was the end,

That’s where they failed,

And destiny was blamed…!!!

© Nathprasad Dhanawat

For you, with you :)

I know,
one day
I will be gone from this world
Perhaps will fade into something
behind the horizon,
behind the darkest cloud or
behind the highest mountains
And you won’t be able to see me,
I wish for you
Since you will be able to feel me
Even if I am gone
I wish and I know
That you will find me
in every frail morning,
in every dark night,
I wish to be your moon,
Because even though it is invisible during day
It never fails to rise and shine again
I wish to be your rain
whenever you feel barren
Frozen lakes will remind you of me
And life will rewind all our memories
I just wish to be your virtual world,
That will exist in your heart
And shine in your eyes
Somehow, somewhere
I wish to live for you, within you.

© Nathprasad Dhanawat

Flowing River ❤

As long as I can,
I tried to be good with people,
I never got Love in return,
instead of salty showered
on my wounds,
as I tried to be away from them,
I was called solitary,
my soul gets Numb,
and I lost everything I had,
my soul was craving for
Peace & Love,
and I found my existence
in Darkness..,
Where I met with a flowing river,
who looked broken outer,
though it was having deep love inside,
seemed departure to meet the ocean,
when I leaped into it,
I got surrounded by Love,
when I went deep within,
I found true colors of Love,

Again I rose like a Sun, rejuvenated like a blossom, I love her like an Ocean..!!!

© Nathprasad Dhanawat

PS: It has been written in response to one-word challenge which is given by my friend..!

mera Man :)

Man mere tu udd na jaa kahin,
Aaj muze teri zaroorat hai,
Anjaano se Dil na laga kahin,
Anth me bikhar jana toh,
Teri purani aadat hai …!!!
Man mere tu udd na jaa kahin,
Aaj muze teri zaroorat hai,
Kar ibaadat apno ki tu,
Chand lamhon ki Khushiyon ke liye,
Bana na tutne wale rishtein kahin,
Yeh toh dagar ke binch ki aafat hai..!!!
Man mere tu udd na jaa kahin,
Aaj muze teri zaroorat hai,
Teri najdikiyan hi Meri nawajish hai,
Tera teher jaana hi Meri khwaish hai.!!!
Man mere tu udd na ja kahin
Aaj mujhe teri zaroorat hai,
Madhoshiyon mei gum
Na ho jana tu kahin
Meri badmashiyon mei teri mehfil hai,
Udd na uss aasman mei
Jisme raunakein hi nahi
Ruk ja teher jaa ki teri
Manzil hai yahin aur kahin nahi..!!!

© Nathprasad Dhanawat

PS:. A special thanks to Sameera for adding last stanza . In this post, most of the Urdu words are used, feel free to ask me the meaning of any Urdu word, if you’re not understood… !!!

Kashti (dedicated)

sunai na de yeh kesi Dil ki awaj hai,
kahi na kahi kuch toh baat hai,
bayan na kar sakun yeh kesa dard hai,
shayd yeh pichli baarish ka asar hai,
Jo bahake le gayi thi hume dard ke samandar me,

bas dubna baaki reh gaya tha,
agar ek kashti se mulakaat na hoti,
joh aksar dusro ko dard se nikalne ka kaam kiya karti thi,
khud dard sehkar dusro ke khooshi ko sawar diya karti thi,
mano Ghar ho uska dard ka samandar… ..

fir Kya tha.. ,,,
tham liya uss kashti ka hath,
jese gumnaam insaan ko koi apna mil gaya ho,
tute Dil ko Sahara mil gaya ho,
aur dubne see pehle hume kinaara mil gaya ho ….!!!!

bas karna chahta hun hifaazat uski abb toh, bharna chahta hun uske har ghaav ko, likhna toh bas aagaaj hai, karke dikhun toh kuch baat hai,
Kash firse kabhi baarish na aaye,
aur mere sahare ko bahakar na le jaaye,
shayad yahi iss Dil ki awaaj hai,
kyuki Mere kashti ke aage kuch bhi nahi….!!!

© Nathprasad Dhanawat

PS: It has been written by me for my Best Friend…. !!!