Depression ( Post 100th )

Oh Dear.
how miserable it feels,
when you’re struggling to heal,
You always held the pain,
like a cloud holds the rain,


you’ve lost your mind control,
by the stress, you always used to hold..!!
Oh Dear.
how miserable it feels.
you always cared for the world,


you can’t even utter single word..!!!
sitting beside you in the hospital,
gazing at your flowing blood,
my tears are rolling like a flood..!!
Oh Dear…
how miserable it feels,
you never shared your pain,
that’s made you weak,
hence.. you’re still sick..!!!
you’re still lying on the bed,
it keeps making my eyes red,

I can’t see you in the pain,
you’re my strength,
you’re my friend,
you’re my crime partner..!!!
Oh Dear.
you don’t scare
for you, I’m always there,
coz …

I can’t see you in the pain,
I can’t see you in the pain,
I can’t see you in the pain…!!!

© Nathprasad Dhanawat


Game of mind :)

being a rational and disciplined being we plan everything at before hand. Because it gives us edge to fulfill objectives according to our own pace and purpose. It gives us a sense of relaxed feeling when we can take the initiative and plan the infrastructure for establishing our movement in right direction. We able to establish contact with our inner guidance system at the heart of our circle of influence. And thus starts the habit- to begin with the end in mind. simply put it is to begin today with the image, picture, or paradigm of our life as our frame of reference or the criterion by which everything else is examined.
Go begin with the end in mind is to start with a clear understanding of our destination. it gives us the knowledge where we are going so that we better understand where we are now and so that the steps we take are always in tune with the right perspective…!!


kabhi socha nahi tha humne,

Jindgi iss kadar rulayegi,

kabhi kisi ke liye misaal the hum,

Youu taash ke patto ki tarah bikhar jayenge,

aab kise bataaye humari unkahi dastaan,

Ek dil hi to tha humara ..

uske bhi ho gye tukde hazar….

aur hum, humare bhi na rahe …..!!!

magar humne bhi thaan liya hai ..

anjaane raasto par chalna ..

Chalte chalte gire to fir khud se sambhalna…

Shayad isi ka naam Jindgi hai ….!!!!

© Nathprasd Dhanawat