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I don’t know if many people still remember me here or not .. but I do.. Hi everyone, how’re you doing all ..

Tiny tale :)

Her best friend called her the way her boyfriend did, she shouted at him & the whole scenario explained him, the difference between Friendship and Love.

© Nathprasad Dhanawat

It’s been a long time guys, how are you all, please let me know… 😊


kabhi kabhi hamari zindgi,
kuch iss tarah mode leti hai,
ki mano hamari duniya
tham si jaati hai,
fir din hoo yah shaam,
kisiki yaad me kho jaana
hamari adat si ban jaati hai.
dhire dhire chehare par alag
hi noor chaa jaata hai,
aur laboo pe hamesha
muskaan nazar aati hai,
milon dur nazar ane wale
chand-Taare abb aaspas hii
mandrane lagte hai,
maano hamari Black & White
duniya colorful ban jaati hai,
Dil me saalon see pal rahi nafrat
yun titali ki tarah udd jaati hai,
Aur Dil me reh jaata hai toh bas,……………….
aur yahi pyaar ki taaqat,
hamen sau andhera
so ladhna sikhati hai,
aur ek achha insaan
banakar zindgi
jeena sikhati hai .. !
© Nathprasad Dhanawat

The story never ends :)

we live under the same Sky,
we weep under the same Sky,
but we belong
to different planets,
Perhaps I know,
I am your favourite star
you like to gaze every night,
you spend each night sitting in your window, gazing at me

& waiting for me to fall,
But I know, even if I fall for you,
you won’t catch me & neither I will reach you,
your home resides in the field of sugarcane,
Winter is falling high there,
And I am standing out my naked body shivering,
If I try to reach you, I will have to make slits over my body,
And I know I won’t survive
until I reach you,
So, I decided not to fall
But I can’t stop gazing at you,
And perhaps this is how our story begins & continues but never ends,
We will remain as strangers with hearts together..!!

© Nathprasad Dhanawat

Mera Mehtaab..aur TUM!!

Hey guys… Today, I’m going to introduce you, one of the best writer of a “Urdu Poetry & Shayari”…along with she writes English poetries as well….. If you’re fan of ‘Ae dil hai mushkil’ movie like me & you love to read Urdu language & its beauty….. Do follow and support to an amazing writer…, trust me, she writes so beautifully… So, I recommend you to read her first Shayari post and this one as well …..✌😊


Haan mulaqaat hai mehtaab se meri kaafi puraani…

Kya sunaun mai uski aur apni kahaani..

Manti thi use apna haq se jab se shuru hui meri jawaani…

Taakti use kaafi dafa,mehsoos karti use roohani..

Phir ek raat jab tanhai ki chaadar taan kar,sabse lad,udaas hokar pahuchi mai apne mehtaab ke paas…

Tab bujh si gai meri usse mohabbat ki jhuuti si aas…

Wo naa tha Hamari milne ki jagah..

Intzaar kiya maine,par nahi aaya wo mere paas…

“Aaj phir se mai tanha mehsoos kar rahi thi,Mehtaab ki aas me chat par gai..;

Par aaj wo bhi mujhe daga de gaya..”

Mai tanha hi wapas lautaayi..Naa aaya mujhe kuch bhi raas…!

Kai Raaten guzar gain..naa wo aaya naa hi uska saaya…

Uske naa hone se gum tha un raaton ka ujaala..!

Un raaton me mai mili “Tumse”!!

Haan guftguu kii maine Apne Mehtaab ki tumse…

Kai sataishen(tareefen)bhi pesh ki maine Apne…

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Photograph :)

we are screens apart,
digitalised though,
I make room for your message
and let loneliness go,
I hear your voice in calls,
I stalk your blogs too,
you look cute in the pink top
and beautiful in the green,
but my favourite is the blue moon photograph
you captured on our trip,
it feels like heaven to be
with you in it,
So, Whenever I see it,
I close my eyes and feel
those adorable moments
we had spent together,
The cooling wind and
soothing noise of waves,
our names drawn on the sand
lined by the castle of sand and
stones we made,
the lake glistening with water
carry your reflection in blue,
as beautiful as moon we saw last night,
sometimes when I think of you,
I look at moon and my empty wallet,
the moon shines in wain and my wallet carry your pain,
in a single photograph
where you and I are stood together,
even though we were miles apart.

© Nathprasad Dhanawat 2018