Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali guys. I hope you are fine. I will be back soon 😊



Hey guys. I hope you’re fine. . I’m extremely sorry that I’ve not been available lately due to my exam preparation. But honestly, I really don’t get much time, I promise you to come back soon after my exams are over.

I’ve participated again in one of writing competition, as I could manage to write that one .. So, Please have a look at it guys and give me an honest review on WordPress as well as at Instagram for those people who already out there by accessing the link. It will help me to win. 🙂

© Nathprasad Dhanawat

That blue one :)

And you see,
there are so many
clouds in the sky,
you like to stare
even though,
you know,
eventually They will fade away,
No one mean to stay,
you don’t stop gazing,
finding for that blue one,
Because maybe,
That has the power
to make you fall for yourself,
to make you special,
some call it home,
where your heart resides,
some call it magic,
when your happiness &
madness linger,
some call it destiny,
some call it heaven,
I call it Love .

© Nathprasad Dhanawat

Galaxy :) ( Dedicated )

finally, the day has come,
which will be risen by the charming winter sun,
for me,
why this day wouldn’t be the special one,
if at this day, in the world,
you cutest Bandariya had come,
I call you bandariya it doesn’t mean you’re a monkey,
because you’re a most intelligent chimpanzee I’ve ever met,
I call you chameleon it doesn’t mean you change the colours,
because you’re most beautiful Rainbow I like to see every day,
I call you Jadoo, it doesn’t mean you’re an Alien,
Because you’re a Magician of Words whom I like to read every day,
I call you Atma, it doesn’t mean you’re a ghost,
Because Even if you commit suicide from WordPress, you’re the one who always there, care & make me laugh by our stupid comments,
So, Listen…
this is why I never want to
lose you my treasure,
being around you is such a pleasure,
I am saying it again,
you are a shooting star,
fallen in my dark night.
You have altered my every sorrow
to happiness by your shining light.
And you may be a star
but I cherish you more than the
Galaxy.. !!!
© Nathprasad Dhanawat

Happy birthday Sameera.

Thank you for the Laughter that we have shared. Enjoy your day..

Love & blessings ❤

Butterfly :)

Hey people. Today I met with this beautiful ❤ when I was walking on the stairs, So tried to capture it as soon as possible, Nd I clicked him by every angle coz he was looking tired Or in trouble maybe So, I thought he can’t fly. Then I decided him to get into the room so, maybe I could help or something like that.. I offered him to sit on my smartphone, he trusted me & sat nicely on it. we went into the room. After that, I should have offered him water or something like that but I didn’t know what he wanted.

As usual butterflies are very sensitive and you can’t catch them easily So, I thought it’s something special to have fun ( I shouldn’t have ) & I wanted to click him sitting on my hand like Shraddha does in Galiyaan song .. how stupid I was .. he trusted me with all his heart & I was going to use it for my own happiness & I had forgotten that I brought him into the room for helping purpose. And Maybe he didn’t like my such kind of behaviour & suddenly he flew away .. that’s how our friendship ended… I felt very shameless but I took it as a lesson…

Remember every living individual deserves a respect like humans. They have their own feelings & emotions. Don’t use anyone for your own happiness. In case of humans, Don’t force people to act the way you want to be. Do give them space to act the way they want.. otherwise, eventually, they will also leave you as butterfly left me.

© Nathprasad Dhanawat

Mother’s Lap :) – world’s safest place

I imagine sometimes
to be little again,
to lie again in mother’s lap,
to cry for a reason,
to escape from pain,
to escape from hurt,
to embrace you and feel
your love,
to inhale your essence of
Because I am a human,
I do feel empty sometimes,
But I wonder,
If I search my contact list,
I have no one,
to understand me in my worst,
Even though I chose to give,
am I left alone?
since I have been away long from you?
But I know,
I am supposed to imagine
and I am not a little now,
if I show you my worries,
you will be worried than myself,
So, I think,
It is better to hide,
because it’s time to give mine,
And if you aren’t able to see my eyes,
then, how can you able to feel
my pain only by voice?
You do recognise.
You always do.
Maybe the reason is the string of your unconditional love I carry.
Maybe that is enough
for me to stand again,
to wipe my tears,
to let go of the pain,
to survive,
to live ..!

© Nathprasad Dhanawat

Image source:- Pinterest

Ehsaas :)

udd toh gaye the

hum parindo ki tarah,

Dil me khaab liye….,

mano Chand ko chune,

apani maa ka saath chod

kar apni manjil paane,

magar jab bhi dekhte

hai palatkar zindgi ko,

toh ehsaas hota hai,

kuch waade hai…,

jo pure karne baki hai,

kuch karz jo ada karna baki hai,

kuch jakhm hai joh abhi

bharne baaki hai….,

Mana ki duniya hume

itni aasani se apne khaabo

ko choone nahi degi,

Magar hum bhi apne

khaabo ko aakhri saans tak,

tutane nahi denge…!!!

©Nathprasad Dhanawat